Graduating from Drew University in 2010 with a Bachelor's in Studio Art, I have grown to compose various concepts and forms. From footwear to famous figures to anything else at a whim, I enjoy the challenge of unlimited creation. In college I limited myself to just sneakers but in the years that followed, I gained appreciation for alternate types of footwear. My favorite to paint are heels; they are simplistic and dynamic all in one package. As seen in my portfolio, I have experiments with many forms and genres. I have recently broadened my medium to include acrylic paint instead of just oils. No matter the medium, my plan is to use any color available to complete my composition. Colors invoke different feelings among us all; the way an artist can form and work with colors interests me the most.

In addition to freelance painting, I have also been a part of various shows in the Washington DC area: RAW at Howard Theatre (2015), and the Pancake & Booze Art Show (twice in 2017). In addition, I have also lead multiple Sip & Paint/Painting with a Twist sessions.